Whats up? I’m Cal.

After my short injury plagued baseball career ended I worked in sales for 10 years. Along the way I learned a ton about business, sales and taking care of my customers.

My passion has always been website development – design, marketing and search engine optimization. After freelancing for the past 7 years I feel like I have learned enough help teach others. I realized I needed a place to keep track of the process I use to help my clients design and rank their websites.

10 Fast Facts About Me

  1. I played baseball for 22 years (3 years college, 3 years professionally) as a pitcher – drafted in the 44th round by the Phillies and 15th round by the Dodgers.
  2. I have lived in 3 different states for 5 or more years, but have been to 38 states so far. Born and raised in Wisconsin, married in Indiana, but currently living in Ft Myers – we love warm weather!
  3. I was born in 1985 (34 years old) and I’m 6’0″ 195 lbs. I love going to the gym & I’m also part of the 1,000 lb club. Not bad for a computer geek 🙂
  4. I played poker semi-professionally on Full Tilt grinding out low/mid stakes Sit-n-go tournaments. Right before the government shut down online poker I was starting to really kill it
  5. I once hit the best man at my wedding with a golf ball in the back. It was a par 3 and I hit a second shot with my 7-iron – of course I didn’t see him walking across the tee box.
  6. I once broke into my college cafeteria at 2:00 AM in the morning with a friend to get an ice cream cone. We climbed on the outside of a staircase and climbed over the railing. Great memories Kai !
  7. I have a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (bird hunting dog) that i consider my first child. She is 9 years old and retired now, living the good life, while sleeping 15 hours a day.
  8. I have 3 beautiful daughters (added one more since the picture was taken)
  9. I stayed in Ft Myers at my sisters house through Hurricane Irma. It was the scariest and neatest natural event I have ever seen. The aren’t kidding when they talk about being in the “eye of the storm”.
  10. This website got its name as a mix between WordPress and my collegiate “titans” mascot. Short names like WPTitan(s) were taken or the owners wanted crazy high $ to buy.